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Academy Student Profile

Is The Collegiate Academy of Blackman High School right for me?


Read through the Academy Member Profile below and if you can identify with these attributes, you owe it to yourself to find out more about The Collegiate Academy.


graduate from The Collegiate Academy will not only be prepared academically, but will also be armed with creativity and leadership skills that will enable them to compete with confidence in a rapidly changing world.  Students who complete the Academy requirements will be set up with the possibility of graduating with an honors diploma, graduation with distinction, Valedictorian status and will be able to distinguish themselves apart. 


Once students are admitted into the Collegiate Academy, students will be required to complete the following components:

  • 12 credits of honors, AP, and/or Dual Enrollment classes before graduation

  • 20 documented hours of extra-curricular activities each year

  • Life experience in the area of his/her major focus

  • Senior Capstone Project


Academy Member Profile


  • Self-Directed

The Academy learner is multidimensional and focused on his/her total development and ready to take on challenges and problems with enthusiasm and integrity.



The Academy learner is not only self-motivating but adaptable to change and prepared to work with other students, facilitators, businesses, colleges, and the community.



The Academy learner has the ability to work independently on challenging tasks and rises to the challenges of a rigorous course of study.



The Academy learner is willing to actively assist, partner, lead, debate, and defend ideas as well as willing to research, use resources, find and develop  innovative solutions, and apply critical thinking to multiple projects.



The Academy learner appreciates a trial and error approach to learning and willing to be a risk-taker.



The Academy learner treats others with tolerance, genuine concern for well-being, willing to listen to all points of view and displays responsibility.



The Academy learner is engaged in the community, not just academically, but also socially, athletically, and/or artistically and aims to be a contributing member, if not leader, of his/her community.



The Academy learner is willing to develop communication skills, as oral presentations will occur in most projects, and be prepared to use technology daily.



The Academy learner not only looks for but embraces opportunities to work in “real world” settings, is interested in the world around them, and enjoys being a part of the community.