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Dual Enrollment

To be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program, students must:


Be a junior or senior in high school

Have a minimum 3.0 high school G.P.A OR have a minimum of 22 ACT score and

Complete the checklist before being registered for any DE courses



If you do not meet the minimum ACT score, you can still apply for admission but will need to do one of the following prior to registering for the Dual Enrollment course/s you are interested in:


Retake the ACT- Register for ACT at or

Take the ACT Residual at MTSU

You may find more information about the ACT Residual at



Additional ACT requirements must be met for several Dual Enrollment course:


RCS Course Name MTSU Course Name Additional ACT Requirements
Applied Statistics MATH 1530  17 in Math
College Alg.         MATH 1710                            17 in Math
Honors College Algebra      MATH 1710 HONORS    19 in Math/Composite ACT 25 and 3.5 GPA
English IV                                ENGL 1010 AND 1020       18 in English
Honors English IV                 ENGL 1010 HONORS / 1020 HONORS     18 in English/ Composite ACT 25 & 3.5 GPA
US History                              HIST 2010 /HIST 2020        18 in English; 19 in Reading
Economics                   ECON 2410                 19 in Math; 18 in English; 19 in Reading
Psychology                   PSY 1410             19 in Reading
Sociology                      SOC 1010                          18 in English; 19 in Reading



The cost of Dual Enrollment courses:


The tuition cost of a Dual Enrollment class is $166.00 per credit hour or $498 per semester course.  This cost can be offset by the Dual Enrollment Grant, if the student is ruled eligible.  Students may be asked to pay the tuition cost in advance and then will be reimbursed once the grant has been issued.


The Dual Enrollment Grant funding is as follows:

1st course - $500 - student pays $0

2nd course - $500 – student pays $0

3rd course - $200 – MTSU covers remaining $298- student pays $0

4th course- MTSU covers $498 - student pays $0

5th course and beyond- students may borrow from their HOPE Lottery Scholarship


The MTSU consent form states: I acknowledge I am responsible for any outstanding fees owed to MTSU that result from my participation in Dual Enrollment. I understand that I must complete all required steps and submit all required documentation included in the Dual Enrollment Checklist to participate in Dual Enrollment at MTSU. I agree that I have read and understand the Dual Enrollment Grant (DEG) Rules and Procedures and understand that the DEG application must be completed for each semester I wish to receive the Grant. I understand that I must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA in all college courses taken during semesters in which I receive the Grant to remain eligible for it in subsequent terms. I understand that I must complete the TSAC Additional Course Acknowledgement form if I wish to receive the Grant for more than one Dual Enrollment course this semester.

Enrolling in Dual Enrollment for New and Returning Students:


Students New to Dual Enrollment


Step 1:  Apply for MTSU admission and submit one-time $25 application fee at


Step 2:  Print and complete the following form and return to Mrs. Kasbee in the Main Office :

(Dual Enrollment Consent and Health Form - as soon as MTSU publishes the new form we will add link here)


Step 3: Submit photo ID or birth certificate to 


Step 4:  Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant-  Fall 2021 


Step 5: The following forms must be submitted to Mrs. Kasbee in the Main Office by April 15th:

1) Dual Enrollment Consent Form (including Hepatitis/Meningitis Health Form)

2) Copy of Birth Certificate OR Valid State ID

3) Printed proof of MTSU application and DE Grant application completion


Step 6:  See your counselor to register for Dual Enrollment course/s at BHS.


Note: The Counseling Office will send your ACT score and transcript to MTSU.



Returning Student to Dual Enrollment:


Step 1:  Print and complete the DE Consent form found at

Submit to Mrs. Kasbee in the Main Office by April 15th.


Step 2:  Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant-  Fall 2021 


Step 3:  See your counselor to register for Dual Enrollment course/s at BHS.