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Ms. Stock's Class

         I am really missing all of you during the COVID-19 shut down. I hope everyone is staying happy & healthy. Each week, we will be posting optional educational resources for you to utilize. Please reach out for any assistance! We are here for you! Links to Mrs. Hutchins' and Ms. Peña's Pages are below! I LOVE & MISS you ALL! 
May 11th-May 17th
No specific Kahoot games for May 11-17. Just focus on your Boom Card decks again this week :)  If you want to re-try a certain Kahoot game,let me know and I can send you a special code :) 

Boom account info:

I went ahead and created BOOM accounts for all students. MOST usernames are first names with last initial and 2020 at the end, no spaces! (If your name is John Smith, your username is johns2020; if your name is Sally Fields your username is sallyf2020)

SOME usernames are first names with the first 2 initials of last name + 2020, no space! **If this is you, I have contacted you individually!

****All passwords are "blackman"

You are able to change your "nickname" and your password, but you will not be able to change your username. 


How does it work?

1. Get the Boom Cards app (blue with a white "kapow" logo) Boom Cards on the App Store
2. Click "Student Sign-in"
3. Make sure you choose the option to "sign in with Boom" if given the option
4.Your decks for the week will pop up automatically!  Go through the decks as many times as you like (Make sure you click on the picture of the deck)! Your teachers will get your scores, so do your best!
5. Try it and let me know what you think! I really like it so far; I hope a lot of you find it useful. any feedback is appreciated.
*also, if you are interested in logging into your i-Ready account, please contact me directly at
CDC staff with we miss you signs
Meet our Staff!
Your Teachers:
Ms. StockMrs. HutchinsMs. Pena
                 Ms. Stock               Mrs. Hutchins                    Ms. Pena                   
Your Paras:
 Mrs. Angie Mrs. Dana Mrs. Nicole
  Mrs. Stacy  Mrs. Chris  Mrs. Case
    Mrs. Jessica  Mr. Joyce   Mrs, Olivia
(in order: [right to left, top to bottom] Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Dana,
Ms. Nicole, Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. Chris, Mrs. Chelsey, Mrs. Jessica,
Mr. Joyce,  Mrs. Olivia)