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Welcome to Mrs. Bunner's class!

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). All students were assigned a textbook at the beginning of the school year. I have a class set so students can leave their assigned textbook at home.
Subscribe to my page to receive updates. Assignments and important class dates will appear on the class calendar. Please click on "Calendar" to the right to see daily updates on class activities. I will either upload handouts to the calendar (click on the activity listed) that can be downloaded and printed, or students can retrieve handouts from the basket at the back of our classroom upon their return to class. PowerPoint presentations will also be linked to the class calendar.


English IV May 11_15 Suggested Practice

This is the suggested practice for this week. It should be our finals week and getting ready for graduation. I'm so proud of my students this year! You've worked so hard and I look forward to seeing you at prom and graduation in June! 
(Provided we can meet all the CDC guidelines, etc....)

Suggested Practice May 4 to 8

Here is the suggested practice for this week. The article "Shakespeare Had Fewer Words, but Doper Rhymes" was also suggested a couple of weeks ago, so we added a soliloquy and video to watch. I want you to consider all of these things together as you are thinking about the importance of language and vocabulary as you move forward in your education. I miss you all! Stay safe and healthy!

Article of the Week Smallpox Doctor Explains

This is an enrichment article for this week, April 27-May 1. One of the best things we can do to keep our minds sharp is read. I've been having trouble reading books (I'm a little anxious, and that makes reading difficult). However, I've found I'm able to read shorter pieces. This is an article interviewing one of the doctors who helped get rid of smallpox- it really wasn't that long ago- and what he has to say helped me feel better about the current situation. Don't worry about the instructions, if you don't care to annotate, just read. 

English IV_April 27-May 1 Suggested Practice

Attached is the suggested practice for this week. In the file you will find the objectives, activities and a few videos to watch if necessary. I will also be posting some enrichment activities this week. 
Again, please be sure you have checked your grades and have made sure you've turned in the Paradise Lost One Pager as that is the only graded assignment we had for quarter 4.

Items in my classroom:

I was at BHS Monday morning to begin cleaning out my room. If you have left items in your folder, in the bins in my classroom, please come by and get what you've left. I've placed the bins on the desks outside my classroom. Remember, this is not the time to turn in textbooks, just getting your stuff. Miss you guys!

Suggested Practice April 20-24

See below an article from Common Lit. I have also added an assignment to NoRedInk. If you have not done so already, please join our class with the code: wonderful frog 91

This week should be senior week.

This is not how we thought we would spend this week. Prom should be on Friday and this week should have been spent honoring seniors and all their hard work with dress up days, breakfast, a faculty talent show (yes, I planned on being in it), and all sorts of things I know you've been looking forward to. I know you are disappointed, we are all disappointed. As much as we all enjoy a day off, missing the last part of a wonderful school year is not what any of us wanted. I'm sorry this has happened. Please know I am thinking of you guys and we are working hard to have prom ready when we are given permission to continue our school year. It will be different, but still wonderful! Stay safe and healthy with your social distancing!

Suggested Practice April 13-17

I have posted a link to an article about Shakespeare's writing from Common Lit. I thought you guys might like it. I've also made an assignment in NoRedInk, if you've not joined our class yet, the code is: wonderful frog 91
You can also go on ACT Academy for skills (math and ELA) you know you need to practice. I miss you guys very much! 


Assignments will be posted on NoRedInk weekly. Please log in (see below) with an old log in (from previous classes), or use your school email and create an account. To join the English IV class, the class code is: wonderful frog 91
No, none of the English IV teachers picked that code, it was assigned. Stay sharp while you're home!