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Welcome to Mr. Rehnborg's class.

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Information Now (iNow) using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). Contact me to obtain online textbook.
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BHS Integrated Math II April 27_May 1 (1)

Students this weeks Assignments are going to look a little different. its a new format. Look at the file I have Downloaded. You will see assignments for the whole week. There is Vocabulary at the beginning that you will need to understand what is going on this week. There are resources listed but feel free to use others. To begin with I suggest YouTube. I suggest a video called "Math Antics - Basic Probability" to start off with since we havent done any probability yet this year

Week 2 Virtual Learning

IM2 Online Week 2: Check out this week's optional suggested resource on DeltaMath reviewing more of our standards from Integrated 2.  Also, don't forget about the optional suggested resource that Rutherford County Math is offering as well.  Please feel free to email me with any questions.

General Information during COVID 19 "break"

Welcome to IM2 Online Week 1!

This week there is a suggested resource on DeltaMath concerning a review of some of our Geometry standards including triangles and trigonometry.  DeltaMath can be worked from a phone or a computer.  Also, remember that each DeltaMath segment has a “Show Example” tab to remind you of how to work the problem.  You can email me if you have questions.  Refer to last week’s post about using your phone or computer as a resource for a calculator if you do not have a calculator at home.  You can also find county suggested resources under the "RCS COVID-19 Update" screen from BHS main website.


Our code for DeltaMath classes is 286594. Use this code to login to DeltaMath as we have done in class.
The lesson for the week of April 6th is the entitled "IM2 Resources Week 1"

What to do during our absence from school during COVID 19

Hello, students!  We hope you are staying safe and enjoying your time off.  Rutherford County Schools will be posting some online resources on the RCS website.  You can find these resources by clicking on "Online Curriculum Resources during COVID-19 shutdown" from the drop-down menu under "COVID-19 PLAN." 
BHS math teachers will begin making weekly posts on our web pages starting Monday, April 6th to provide optional, suggested resources for you to use to help you keep your math skills sharp during this time. 
If you don't have a calculator at home and find that you need one, you could use the following free apps on your phone that emulate the TI-84 calculator.
You could also use the graphing calculator on
Stay safe, and GO BLAZE!