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Mrs Boyd-English II Honors and BCA

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14-18 Jan (M-F)

Read and worksheet notes for 2 articles:
"I Acknowledge Mine" pg 666  QUIZ
AMA Article Animal Medical Research pg 680  QUIZ
Unit 6 vocab quizlet/QUIZ
Drafting Informational Essay-evaluate the rhetorical devices in the articles and determine which argument/claim is stronger.  Identify and analyze weaknesses in rhetorical devices.  DUE Jan 28th

8-11 Jan, Tues-Fri

Textbook Notes/Worksheets- Argument pgs 632,634
Read textbook article- "I Acknowledge Mine" pg 666
ACT grammar practice-1-15
Unit 6 Vocab-Aspiration writing, Complete the Sentence exercise
Vocab Quiz next week
Essay-next week


Dec 14th-1 per
Dec 17th- 2,3 per.
Dec 18th- 4,5 per
Dec 19th-6,7 per.

10-13 Dec, Mon-Thurs

Read and Notes Scene 4-Exodus Antigone
Unit 5 Vocab-study Quizlet
Prepare for Midterms

7 Dec, Fri

1.  Late Narrative Essays DUE (or Lunch & Learn!)
2.  Antigone Test-Prologue-Ode 2
3.  Read Scene 3/Ode 3 and take notes

6 Dec, Thursday

1. Narrative Essays DUE
2. Read Antigone Scene 2 Ode 2 pgs 1080-1087/Notes
3. Antigone test Friday-Prologue-Ode 2 (NOTES!!!)

BLOCK 4,5 Dec (Tues & Wed)

HW: Narrative Essay DUE Thursday
Antigone read and notes pg 1068
Read and perform Prologue,Parados, Scene 1, Ode 1

3 Dec, Monday

HW:  Narrative Essay DUE Thurs
Antigone Greek Drama: PPT Notes and Background Information