Databases from the Tennessee Electronic Library
eBooks from Salem Press
(email one of your librarians for the username and password)
Gale in Context: Science Database (this can class be accessed via your Schoology account)
Blaze Book Club
Linebaugh Public Library
Learn to play some classic Games
Freedom Rides for U.S. History
If you are having trouble with your laptop, please try restarting it at school (not at home) to see if that fixes the problem.
If you are having password issues, please ask your teacher for help. 
If those two steps have not solved your problem, bring your laptop to the library before school or during your lunch time.
If you need papers printed in black and white, ask your teacher to print them.
If you need papers printed in color, email both Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Seadorf. If you want images printed, please put them in a Word document (.doc) or PDF and size them to your needs before emailing the document. Pick up your items in the printing tray near Ms. Jenkins' desk between classes.