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Welcome to Mr. Parkhurst's class!

Welcome to Criminal Justice at Blackman High School! Our program strives to give students hands-on experience with the same knowledge, tools, and equipment used by Criminal Justice professionals in the field. Our students learn leadership skills, communication techniques, and critical-thinking and problem-solving methods that will impact their lives in a positive way. While this pathway is primarily for students interested in pursuing a career in a Criminal Justice Field, knowledge gained from this pathway will benefit any student. I appreciate your interest!
As the Coronavirus has us all a bit isolated, I will be updating the content below for students interested in working on more than their TikTok dance moves! The activities/resources below are optional and will not be graded, but I will provide feedback to students via email ( 
For April 6 to April 24, 2020, I will be utilizing Edmodo ( ). All of my students can use the class code p5j3jw to join it. It is a county wide CJ post, but my students will respond to the "Blackman High School Small Group" with feedback.I will be posting resources, materials, and discussions for my students each week that they may use (participation is voluntary and no grades will be given) for enrichment. I encourage all of my students to join us on Edmodo, and I hope that all my students will take advantage of the resources, materials, and discussions on there!