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Holly Cunningham » Welcome to Mrs. Cunningham's Page

Welcome to Mrs. Cunningham's Page

Welcome to 2018-2019 school year; I hope your summer was refreshing!


As we get back into the habit of school, here are some important items to your success:


1) Check the Calendar section of this website for our daily work and assignments, especially if you have been absent.  It is up to you to keep on top of your work.


2) Check your grades consistently on iNow.   I work to keep this updated every two weeks.  


3)  Remember the balance of work that makes the class grade: 


  • 50% is formative--daily assignments, practices, exercises, questions, etc... that are designed to introduce, prepare, and practice the skills and  materials we are studying and
  • 45% is summative--final assessments, tests, presentation, papers, etc... that are evaluated to determine a student's level of mastery in the skill and materials we have been studying.  There are far fewer of these than the formative practices leading up to them so they have a significant impact on the overall grade.   
  • 5% is specifically vocabulary summative made up of the weekly vocabulary.


4)  Rereading is a crucial part of reading.  You need to reread the material we study; that is simply what reading requires for strong comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking.



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Here are the class codes for the online programs we use.  When you first log-in, only use your school log-in (minus the part) and your student ID# (lunch #) for the password.  




Period 1                          8YD4Z9                           shiny feather 94                                

Period 2 Honors             RWRNJY                         unknown marker 49

Period 3                          RWRPD4                         broad butter 68

Period 4 Honors             NV74VQ                          thrifty knot 48      

Period 7                         QBN8LG                          curious mirror 1