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Holly Cunningham » Welcome to Mrs. Cunningham's Page

Welcome to Mrs. Cunningham's Page

Welcome to 2018 and the second half of the year; I hope your break was refreshing!


As we get back into the habit of school, here are some important items to your success:


1) Check the calendar section of this website for our daily work and assignments, especially if you have been absent.  It is up to you to keep on top of your work.


2) Check your grades consistently on iNow.   I work to keep this updated every two weeks.  


3)  Remember the balance of work that makes the class grade: 


  • 50% is formative--daily assignments, practices, exercises, questions, etc... that are designed to introduce, prepare, and practice the skills and  materials we are studying and
  • 50% is summative--final assessments, tests, presentation, papers, etc... that are evaluated to determine a student's level of mastery in the skill and materials we have been studying.  There are far fewer of these than the formative practices leading up to them so they have a significant impact on the overall grade.   


4)  Rereading is a crucial part of reading.  You need to reread the material we study; that is simply what reading requires for strong comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking.


The online textbook available on the BHS website is accessible using your BHS username and password.  The username will require the


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Here are the class codes for various online programs we use:


                                                       NoRedInk                        Edmodo


Period 1                                B4R8J                              fresh street 59                      sd2gb9

Period 2                                6QNWJ                           neat panther 70                     pq2aaa

Period 3                                4ERK5                             low cactus 35                      2nuyjf

Period 4                                VRLG3                            real jacket 19                       x2k3r9

Period 7                                E4357                              orange fog 15                       iigxc4





Recent Posts

All English classes--Chapter 3 by THURSDAY

All classes must read Chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby by Thursday.  If you have not already checked out a book with me and you need one, see me as soon as possible.
Electronic pdf versions are readily available online.  Simply search The Great Gatsby text in a search engine.  You will find several options.

English III--periods 1, 3, 4 Timed Write Prep

You will find attachments of the reading packet, the planning worksheet, and the writing rubric for Wednesday's timed write on "Should Extinct Species be Brought Back into Existence?" on today's date in the Calendar portion of this site.

Test Postponed!!!!!

Due to the cancellation of school tomorrow (still no A/C!), the test on Abraham Lincoln's The Gettysburg Address and The Emancipation Proclamation will be on Monday, February 26.

RESEARCH ARGUMENT PAPER: Standard Classes only

The final research argument essay is due on Tuesday, February 20.
I am conferencing Monday and Tuesday with those students who gave me the required draft on Friday, February 9.

SLAVE NARRATIVE TEST: Honors, Tuesday February 13/Standard, Wednesday, February 14

SLAVE NARRATIVE TEST:  Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a  Slave Girl and Frederick Douglass's Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass:  an American Slave
Honors, Tuesday February 13
Standard, Wednesday, February 14

Periods 1, 3, and 4: Transcendentalism Test-- Thursday 12/7

For English III, there will be a test on the excerpts from Walden (Thoreau) and "Self-Reliance" and Nature (Emerson).

English III Midterm Review Checklist

Attached is the handout I gave each student reviewing the material we have read and studied this quarter.  The midterm will focus solely on these as many of the reading and writing strategies carried over from 1st quarter.  The actual content material will stay in the material we have covered in American Romanticism.


For any work missed from November 6 through November 17, I will accept it up through next Tuesday, November 22.  You will not be able to turn it in after that date.

English III Periods 3 & 4--final "December" poem

Your final "December" poem (on its own neat copy--not the worksheet I gave you) is due on Friday, November 17.

HONORS Research Paper--due Monday, November 20

After our discussion last week on the expectations and the review of the checklist, the final due date has been set for November 20.  We will have one more day in the lab this Thursday, November 16.  Please use this time to talk to me and ask questions about your own paper.  Also, please ask for C & I passes if you need to see me during C & I!

Sample Paragraphs

Attached are the two sample paragraphs we have looked at in class. Both are marked for their main claims, sub-claims, evidence, and commentary.  Look carefully at the balance of commentary to the evidence and claims.  That is the where your essential support and explanation for your point is developed.

Early Romanticism Test (HONORS ONLY) Date Changed

The Early Romanticism test for the honors classes will be given during the block schedule days (November 7 or 8) instead of on Monday, November 6.
Have a great weekend!

Progress Report Announcement


Assignments missing from these first four weeks will ONLY be accepted through tomorrow afternoon.  They will not be accepted beyond tomorrow.​

Honors: research argument paper draft

Reminder that the draft is due this coming Friday, November 3.
We discussed the steps of putting together that "working thesis" to help have a driving idea that answers your original research question.  Based on this claim (thesis, driving idea), you should be considering the key points that you will use to support it, the evidence that will support each of those, and the best order in which to present that information.
We will be in the lab this coming Thursday, November 2.