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Mrs Boyd-English II Honors and BCA

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Sept 25-28

Unit 2 Vocab:
Review exercises and graphics
Quiz Tues-study Quizlet (see link below)
Read/notes "The Interlopers" pgs 428-434
Complete 2 worksheet notes
Group Analysis poster & presentation

Friday, Sept 22

Complete Unit 2 Vocab Antonyms-all
Unit 2 vocab quiz Tuesday
Rice Test Corrections (2) DUE
Quizlet-review vocab!

Wednesday, Sept 20

Unit 1 Skills Test:  Setting, Mood, Plot (review pgs 28,30)
Unit 2 Vocab: 8 graphics/Synonyms (all)

Tuesday, Sept 19th

Late Narrative Essays Due
Charter notes pg 176,178
"The Veldt" Socratic Seminar-discussion and notes DUE
HW:  Unit 2 vocab, CS exercise 1-9

September 18, Monday

1.  Turn in late narrative essays and reflections
2.  CFA #1-see Edlio-"Dorian Gray" & "Frankenstein" passages
3.  Read "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury-write 5 discussion questions and copy 2 relevant quotations for Socratic Seminar notes to be presented on Tuesday
4.  Unit 1 Plot, Setting, Mood test on Wednesday-see textbook pgs 28, 30 for review
PDF for "The Veldt"

Thursday, 14 Sept EARLY DISMISSAL

1.  Review grammar WB pg 298
2.  Classwork-complete 3 NRI grammar practices
3.  HW: Narrative essay due Fri.  +5 quotations and +5 Unit 1 vocabulary; MLA format +2 pages required
FRIDAY-Narrative essays due-read and share