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Welcome to Ms. Walker's Classes!

Welcome, Students and Parents! (Pandemic Version)
As you may already know, all assignments posted are recommended but required. However, if you failed the THIRD quarter, please contact me (if you don't hear from me first) to make arrangments to complete recovery work so that your third quarter grade is a passing grade.You can check this in Skyward also. 
Your assignments are posted here, but they are also posted on Microsoft TEAMS where you can communicate and share ideas with each other. 
If there is anything we can help you with, please reach out. It is important to us to make sure our students and community are doing as well as possible even in trying circumstances.
Lois M. Walker


Semester Psychology, May 11-15 EVERFI Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

This module is sponsored by Kroger. 
PLEASE NOTE THIS RESOURCE IS OPTIONAL. However, if you complete it, there is a $1000 scholarship opportunity for completing an EVERFI resource. 
With prescription drug misuse and abuse becoming a national issue, it is more important than ever to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to prevent its worsening spread. By modeling and reinforcing positive behavior, our Prescription Drugs: Misuse and Abuse Prevention course blends expert-vetted content with engaging digital activity. The outcome is the fi rst online prevention program of its kind, teaching students how to differentiate between various prescription drugs, describe the science of addiction, and demonstrate effective
refusal strategies.
To access it, log into and then into EVERFI. The assignment should be posted in your class. 

Semester Psychology, May 4-8 EVERFI AlcoholEDU for High School from EVERFI

PLEASE NOTE THIS RESOURCE IS OPTIONAL. However, if you complete it, there is a $1000 scholarship opportunity for completing an EVERFI resource. 
Alcohol misuse doesn’t just put students at risk; it threatens the ability for schools to achieve their desired educational objectives. AlcoholEdu for High School takes a public health approach to preventing alcohol abuse, incorporating evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaged user experience.

AlcoholEdu for High School helps reduce negative consequences associated with underage drinking. Through this
scalable online program, high schools can reach all students with a consistent message and empower them to make
safer and healthier decisions about alcohol.
To access this resource, log into, find the EVERFI website, and go to your assigned psychology class. If you have questions, please email me!

Semester Psychology, April 27- May 1 EVERFI: Mental Health and Well-Being

This lesson will hit upon some things we've already covered, but it also hits several things we have not covered, such as psychological disorders, especially the ones most common in teens. Some, such as anxiety and depression, are particularly important to address during the COVID-19 pandemic.
To access the week's lessons, go to and log in with your Microsoft Office email login and password. In my classroom in CLEVER, you should see a logo for EVERFI. Log in to EVERFI. Your four part assignment will be in EVERFI. Each module will take between 15-30 minutes to complete, and I will put journal topics for you to submit in Assignments on your class's TEAMS page. 
I suggest completing a module a day, M-Th. On Friday, you can either play the Kahoot, OR research more information about mental health. Recommended sites are:

For more information on a particular mental health issue, go to

For more information on stress and coping mechanisms, go to

Please email me if you have difficulty accessing EVERFI or would like more detailed information on any of the topics brought up. I can share other resources with you. 

Hope you are doing well! I miss y'all!



On Monday, May 4th during our 11 a.m. class, I will be going over details about accessing the AP exams. Students, please be sure to attend our TEAMS class.
Parents, after that meeting, I will post detailed information on this website and also email it to you. I want to wait to see what questions my students have before I share it with parents for their questions. 
We continue to review as a class every MWF from 11:00 to noon via TEAMS. On TTh, during the same hours, I am individually conferencing with students or working with small groups. 
Starting April 30th, we are adding sessions for gaming style review on TTH from 3:00-4:00 P.M. 
I am also available by appointment. We can set up a TEAMS call, or I can chat with you via email. 
We're in the home stretch -- the exam is less than three weeks away!
PARENTS, I want to THANK YOU for encouraging your children to continue participate in AP Psychology. It has given us a little bit of normalcy during a strange time period.
AND STUDENTS, what can I say? This AP class is phenomenal. We've laughed, learned, laughed, learned, and truly enjoyed getting to know one another in the process. I am proud of the effort y'all have made!

April Activity for Journalism

Some of you are planning to continue publishing, which is truly awesome! Others of you cannot for a variety of reasons, such as work hours or additional responsibilities at home.
This attached assignment is voluntary, perhaps a way to help you detox from stress and also create a memory for future generations. Your children and grandchildren are going to want to know what living through a pandemic was like for you. 
You are living history. I wish more than anything that I was back with you in the classroom preparing for our 2020 commemorative print edition, but that isn't our reality right now! 

RCS Instructional Resources

Parents and Students,
Starting on Monday, April 6th, you will be able to find lessons not only on individual teacher webpages but also on the county website. For high school, the lessons are currently for core subjects and Advanced Placement classes.
To find out more information, please follow this link:RCS Online Learning Plan (COVID-19).
Please reach out to us if you have questions! 

APRIL 13-17: Are You Introverted or Extroverted? Or in Between?

The purpose of this assignment is to identify whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert and apply this to your life during the pandemic. How will this knowledge help you or others in your household better cope with social distancing and isolation? 
Social Emotional Skills (test for extraversion vs. introversion)
The assignment is posted on Microsoft TEAMS in individual classes if you need PDF documents instead of links. You can contact me there or by email if you have questions, and there will be a post in TEAMS where you can share ideas with each other. 
Hope this helps in some small way!

April 6-9: Pandemic Journaling Assignment

We are currently living history. Journaling is a proven method to help reduce stress, so this suggested resource might help you journal some of your stress away while creating a living history documents for your families. 
Feel free to share with your classmates on MICROSOFT TEAMS, remembering to post school appropriate entries ONLY. 
I am looking forward to hearing from more of you about your experiences!

Coronavirus UPDATES for RCS

MARCH 17, 2020
Parents and students,
First of all, I hope ALL of you are doing well and staying well. The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event in our lifetime. We are all in this together!
For regular updates on RCS plans and procedures, please check our school and county websites or Twitter feeds.
For my classes, students can go to their TEAMS class for SUGGESTED resources related to psychology for their academic growth and/or entertainment. My TEAMS pages should be updated for all classes by tomorrow.
One idea will be journaling this historical event. What an amazing primary source for future generations to learn about the world in 2020 as we face something unlike we've ever faced.
For my AP Psych students and parents, AP is supposed to update us on their procedures to handle exams at the end of this week. You may go to this page: for more information. As I know information, I will be sure to share it with you.
Wishing you well,
Lois M. Walker