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Welcome to Mr. Kinney's Class

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Information Now (iNow) using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). Contact me to obtain online textbook information for this class. 
Subscribe to my page to receive updates. Each class' syllabus is attached below.  Assignments and important class dates will appear on the class calendars. Click on each item in the calendar to see additional details.

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Calculus: Prod./Quot. Rule & Trig. Fun. Extra Pract.

Memorize derivatives of trig functions on page 151.
Page 154 #11, 17, 19, 55, 57, 77, 87.

Calculus Homework 9/11

Study for The Derivative Quiz Retake
Study for Basic Differentiation Rules and Rates of Change Quiz
Extra Practice: Review differentiability, last night's homework, and page 144 #59, 61, 103.
Take notes from the following videos

Calculus extra practice for 9/5

HW: Study for The Derivative Quiz (Extra Practice: page 131 #11-17 odd, 37-40, 61, 63, 45-48)

AP Calculus Extra Practice for 8/29

Extra Practice for Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinity
page 105 #1, 3, 37-45 odd
page 116 #1-5 odd, 15-23 odd

Calculus Homework 8/28

Study for Finding Continuity Analytically Quiz.  Read and take notes from pages 109-110, page 113 Example 5. 

AP Calculus Extra Practice for 8/23

Memorize Theorem 1.9; Review Absolute Value; BW #1; Textbook page 84 #5-43 odd, 51-55 odd, 61-65 odd.
Extra Practice for Absolute Value: Find the limit of |x+k| as x approaches 2 from the left. ...from the right.

AP Calculus Homework 8/18

Homework: Take notes from the following sources.  Come ready with any conceptual questions from the video.  We will practice these skills on Wednesday.
Pages 76-78 of your textbook.
Watch these videos (Squeeze Thm and sin(x)/x) or page 82 of your textbook.
Page 83 of your textbook.