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Information Technology at Blackman High School

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Skyward using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). All course materials (including the book!) are located on Schoology for all students.
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At Home Work! (ALL Students)
At Home Work! (IT SPECIFIC)
  • CS Foundations: go to this link. Fill out the form, and follow instructions when you get the email from CompTIA (this is an official CompTIA study materials, it is web-based, AND IT HAS AN APP).
  • Computer Systems and Networking: add this course to Schoology (F4JK-THDT-2N49F). Complete this at your leisure (it is study materials for the MTA Network Fundamentals).
  • As always, email me if you need help with anything (or want some more IT-related stuff to do!).
At Home Work! (ALL Students) UPDATED 4/28!
  • Check your school email for information about logging into uCertify. Your login is your email, and the password is Mosier2020. Please take the Pre Assessment to see which chapter(s) you need to read and work on, and work on them, doing the labs and taking quizzes and tests. This program is tied to the industry certification test that we have been working on, and that (hopefully) you will get to take when we get back to school. Please email me if you have any questions or difficulty. I am having to manually put in the registration for all students, so if you do not have an email yet, you will soon.
  • All work must be finished by May 14 so I can get grades updated!!! I will have vouchers for all of my Foundations students (ITF+) as well as all of my Computer Systems and Networking students (MTA) that we will take at the beginning of next school year!