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2024-2025 Cheer Tryouts

Tryout Results are In!!!!
COED Announcements
Congratulations on making the Varsity football squad!  PLEASE IMMEDIATELY READ AND RESPOND TO THE ITEMS BELOW: 
TEAM Communication:  We use the BAND app for our parent communication.  We will discuss more at the potluck meeting on Sunday.
PARENTS ONLY: please join the parent BAND app  (this will be primary means of communication this week until Potluck on Sunday; join immediately)
ATHLETES ONLY: please join the team BAND app  (this will be primary means of communication this year- join immediately for updates.
Calendar items of note for next week: 
Sunday, April 21- Uniform fitting (in the library at 2:00) and Family Potluck in the cafeteria beginning at 5:00. Please bring food at 5:00, not 2:00. 
**Parents are welcome to come with you to the fitting, but it is not required.  Some graduating seniors will be on hand to sell their items to underclassmen at a discounted price. 
Parents and families are invited to the family potluck and meeting at 5:00 at BHS in the cafeteria.   It is imperative that each athlete have a parent attend the potluck meeting at 5:00.
Monday, April 22- Varsity Fitting at BHS 3:30 in the library- we will order apparel for the year on this day. Parent do not need to attend, but are welcome.  Boys will go first.
Thursday, April 25- Titans Draft meet at BHS to leave after school on bus to Nissan Stadium- more information will be discussed at parent meeting 🙂 
Classes should bring the following refreshments:
Freshmen: Desserts
Sophomores: side dish (pasta, vegetables, fruit, salad, etc.)
Juniors: Main Dish (chicken tenders, BBQ, pizza, pasta, etc)
Seniors: Appetizer/Finger food (meatballs, sausage balls, chips/dip, veggie tray, etc)
Boys: TWO two liters of soda or tea
Booster Club will provide plates/cups/utensils


Congratulations on making the 2023-2024 Basketball Cheer Team. 

Coach Suttles and Coach Covington request the ATHLETE and (at least) ONE PARENT to join Band.

Potluck is Sunday, 4/21/24 in the BHS Cafeteria at 3pm.  At least one parent must attend the potluck with their athlete.  We will discuss the sizing of uniforms and practice wear, payments, premier gym payments, calendars, etc.   Mary Michael will also be here to size us for our practice shirts, bows, etc. after our parent meeting. She will have additional items that you may special order. 

The seniors have an activity that they are doing with the new team... please don’t wear any clothing that you don’t want to possibly” get messed up 😊  

We will also have a sizing with Varsity on Wednesday, 4-24-24, 3:30 in room C-07. 

Please bring the following to the potluck. 

  • Seniors – Case of Water/can drinks (not a 2 liter) 
  • Juniors – Main Dish 
  • Sophomores – Side Dishes 
  • Freshman – Desserts 
  • Coaches will provide plates, napkins, etc. 
Congratulations on making the Junior Varsity team!! Please take note of the calendar, as you have an upcoming fitting and parent meeting on Wednesday at Blackman.  Additional details will be provided through the Band team app.  See below to join!
I also went ahead and made us an instagram page. Maybe we can post our roster, too. :)
Let me know if you have any questions or need more info.