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Kim Garrott
What is Renaissance?
Founded by educators in 1988, Jostens Renaissance is the first and only national education-based program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college. Its primary goals are "to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm and to raise the level of community participation in schools. " 
What are Blackman's Goals for Renaissance?
With our Renaissance program, we hope to:
* Improve academic performance
* Encourage, recognize and reward good behavior
* Motivate students, teachers and staff
* Instill pride in our school
* Increase student attendance rates
Who are BRATs? 
Blackman Renaissance Action Team - The BRATs or better know as the BRATpack are Blackman's Renaissance ambassadors, the BRATs introduce the program to the school and help everyone at BHS catch the magic of Renaissance.
What are BRAT stickers?
B - Bonus     R - Reward     A - Academic     T - Tardy
Brat stickers are given out to students who qualify at the end of each nine weeks. These stickers entitle students to several privileges including the Principal's List Luncheon, A/B Honor Roll reward and Perfect Attendance reward. Stickers are distributed during lunch for three days the week after report cards go out. Stickers are placed on the back of the student's school ID.
The levels are: Orange - Principal's list - all A's on report card for the quarter, Blue - Honor Roll - all A's and B's, White - Perfect Attendance - no absences/checkouts/tardies to school or ISS/OSS for the grading period being rewarded
What is Student Recognition?
Each week, we will have four "Students of the Week" representing each grade level. Faculty/staff will complete a nomination form for students who have shown themselves to be outstanding people. The students will be selected by a committee, their pictures will be placed on the Renaissance "Wall of Fame" and be presented by Dr. Justus on the morning announcements. Students will also receive discount coupons and gift certificates from local businesses.
What is Faculty and Staff Recognition?
Students may nominate teachers every month; everyone in the school may nominate staff members. The recipients' pictures are displayed on the Renaissance "Wall of Fame." Teacher and staff of the month recipients' receive gift certificates and coupons from local businesses. Each moth, teachers and staff received "goodies" from Renaissance to encourage them to keep up the good work and instill pride at BHS.