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Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Class! :)

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Information Now (iNow) using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). 
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Recent Posts

Quest Due Sunday - December 3rd

Don't forget you have a Quest assignment due this Sunday evening....We are having day 2 of our CFA tomorrow and a Quiz on Friday over Similar Triangle theorems!  Busy WEEK!  Midterms coming soon!!!!

Solving a Quadratic

Yesterday we learned that taking each factor and setting it equal to zero and solving allows us to find the x-intercepts of the graphs.
For example,
f(x) = x^2+6x+8 factors to f(x) = (x+4)(x+2).  
If we understand that f(x) and y are synonymous and that y = 0 along the x-axis, I have 0 = (x+4)(x+2).
Knowing that multiplying and getting an answer of a 0 means that I have multiplied by a 0, then I can set each factor = 0 and solve for x.....x+4 = 0, therefore x = -4.  Likewise, x+2 = 0, therefore x = -2.  These two give us the points (-2,0) and (-4,0) giving me the x-intercepts for the graphs.  This is called "Solving a Quadratic".

Calculators Needed in class this week

Bring your graphing calculator to class this week as we will be using them to graph quadratics and identify characteristics in the graphs. 

Domain/Range after school help

If you are still having issues with Domain and Range, I am staying after school on Wednesday for about an hour and will be available to help you.  Make sure your parent is aware of your location.  You will need to leave out the G doors when you leave. 

Quiz Tomorrow

Quiz tomorrow on Domain / Range in Set Notation and Interval Notation.