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Welcome to Mrs. Brown's Class! :)

Welcome! Check your grades regularly through Information Now (iNow) using your assigned username and password. If you need assistance with your login information, visit or call our attendance office (ext. 22916 or ext. 22913). 
Subscribe to my page to receive updates. Assignments and important class dates will appear on the calendar. Click on each item in the calendar to see additional details.  I am no longer using Edmodo but will be using this page exclusively.

Recent Posts

Check Calendar!!!

Check the calendar for any missing assignments!  We are working problems 1-15 on the worksheet you got in class today.

EOC Review Quiz

We have a quiz over the EOC Review material from last week.  Know VERTEX FORM!!!!


Attached are the test review answers in case you were not in class today.  Remember TEST TOMORROW (FRIDAY, 3/10/17)  All things triggy!  It's all about graphing (period, amplitude)  and the UNIT CIRCLE!!!!!


1. Find Period and Amplitude from a graph.
2. Draw an angle of rotation.
3. Convert radians to degrees and degrees to radians.

Corrections for Exponential Quiz

Posted the quiz correction problems on the calendar for today....

Test tomorrow....February 17

We are closing up Exponentials and Logarithms tomorrow with a test.  You must know how to convert from a log to an exponential and an exponential back to a log.  You need to know how to write an equation given some data concerning a growth or decay function.  You need to be able to identify whether the function will be a growth or decay function based on the "b" value.  See videos attached to the certain homeworks for help.

Test tomorrow (Friday, February 3)

The test will include:
1.  Determining excluded values
2.  Simplifying Radical Expressions
3.  Solving Rational Equations
4.  Solving Radical Equations
5.  Solving a Radical Equation word problem
6.  Writing Radical Expressions with Rational Exponents
7.  Dividing Rational Expressions
Study your review.  Make sure you know how to Greatest Common Factor (GCF) a binomial and Binomial factor a trinomial.